Bits of conversations, daily rituals and organic forms in nature all inform the work that I make. I am compelled to create. The shape of something I see may trigger a thought. This then evolves into the ‘what if’? What if this were translated into a sculpture? What if fiber were added to it? What if there were fifty grouped together? The possibilities are endless. I can investigate each incarnation or idea more fully and make them specific, or I can use them freely to create a personal language and landscape of my own. I try not to fixate on a perceived end result.
I have been making art since the mid-90’s. I received my BFA and MFA from the University of Arizona. I like to garden and grow things and I like to eat chocolate.
I have two wonderful daughters, and an awesome husband who doesn’t care that my supplies occupy every available inch of surface area.
I live in Seattle with the aforementioned amazing husband and two cats.